Qorbi World

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Roam is an open world game where the Qorb characters can interact. This world is dedicated to socializing, upgrading your Qorb, purchasing pets or other in-game items, and having fun with the water guns or dart guns. After the initial launch of Roam, its growth and expansion will be voted on by the Qorbs and Qorbi holders through the use of the Qorbi DAO.

One Tap Mobile

All the great fun and features from our FPS game One Tap on mobile Andoird and iOS. One Tap Mobile is an action packed 1v1 first person shooter. Built on Unity and uses the $Qorbi for in-game rewards through our win-to-earn model.

Mega Brawl

Mega Brawl is a free-to-play crossover fighting game developed for Qorbi World. This game will be released after the release of the One Tap game. This game will allow our Qorb holders to use their Qorb NFT attributes in the game as special abilities.