Qorbi World


Qorbi World is being developed by Qor Gaming, LLC which is a Wyoming, USA company. Qor Gaming is technology-focused blockchain development and game studio focused on building FPS games for esports play to earn games.
Together the team consists of 25 full-time employees who are proudly working as a remote distributed team across North, Central and South America. The leading team consists of the following individuals:

Nadine Bardis -- Head of Esports

Nadine is the Co-founder of the Esport organization Qor Gaming. Nadine and her staff currently run 3 teams playing the FPS game, Valorant. After being a business owner in the legal space for 15 years and managing many technology start ups, Nadine decided to follow her passion of Esports, and started Qor Gaming. Her favorite games are Street Fighter and Super Smash Brothers.

John Bardis - Head of Qorbi World

John has a 20 year career as a senior technology professional. An experienced entrepreneur, with experience in engineering, gaming, and blockchain, along with Master in Business Administration. As the head of the product teams, John leads the efforts at Qor Gaming to build the Qorbi World. His favorite games are Valorant, Knights Squad, and Madden NFL.

Diego Mazo -- Product & Game Development

Diego has experience working with Unity based games. His level of understanding of the amount of quality detail that goes into making a game is at the core of the Qorbi World game development team. Diego has 6+ years experience with online multiplayer games and working with the Unity gaming engines.

Steven Mendez -- Head of 3D Modeling

Steven comes with 5+ years experience with leading teams in working with gaming concepts, and turning them into living and breathing 3D characters.

The Blockchain Brothers

Osmany and David Jiron, live and breath blockchain, with a combined knowledge of over 11 different protocols, and have worked on over six specialized blockchain projects, including NFTs on FLOW, smart contracts on Binance, Etheream & Avalanche, and NFTs on Polygon and Solana. The blockchain team is lead by the veteran software engineer, Osmany who is the lead engineer of the Blockchain team, and lead system architect for the marketplace development. Both brother are avid PUBG players.

Designing, Concepts, and UX/UI

Our lead designers group work with the designer and concept artist that come up with the graphics, and design for all weapons, arenas, NFTs, websites, character motion, and much more.
Brian Dangla -- Lead UX/UI Engineer
Aldo Illanes -- Senior Concept Artist
Learn more about Qor Gaming on our website at https://qorgaming.com/game-studio/
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