One Tap (BETA)


One Tap is a free-to-play first-person shooter designed specifically to get the attention of players who love action-packed video games. In it, you play as one of the super soldiers known as “agents” and you must defeat other agents in a battle of skill and wits, as you navigate the different arenas and game modes brought into the game to challenge you.

As an agent, you will have to balance your shooting and your planning abilities, as you will have a pet that will give you exceptional abilities with the potential of tipping the scales in your favor if you use them at the right moment.

In our “Arena Mode”, players will struggle to survive, not only each other but the several environmental threats such as toxic gas, quicksand, or ice traps or the deadly enemies that plague the maps waiting for an easy prey.

How to play

Navigate the maps looking for your opponents and trying to get the biggest amount of kills possible while trying to survive their impending enemy attack.

One Tap offers an intuitive experience relying on the standard keyboard mapping controls for first-person video games.

  • WASD for movement

  • The “C” key for crouching

  • The left “Shift” key for running

  • The “Space” key for jumping

  • Right click to aim

  • Left click for shooting

  • The “Q” key for deploying or hiding the pet

  • The “E” key for using the main ability

Game modes

One Tap Arena mode: This is a 1v1 hardcore competitive game mode. Here you can play against a single opponent in a virtual arena made up of specialized maps. The game consists of a maximum of five rounds alternating different maps and game modes, the first player to get to three victories wins.

Current game modes available for One Tap Arena


In this game mode, players must move around the map to eliminate their enemy as many times as possible using every available resource at hand.

Gun Master:

The player must go through a list of weapons until reaching the last one. With each kills the weapon will refresh, changing into the next one in the list. For winning, a player must get a kill with every weapon on the list.

Search and Destroy:

This is a team-based game mode, there are two teams, one of them has the objective of detonating a bomb in a specific place on the map, and the other team must make everything they can to deactivate it. In search and destroy, once a player is killed, they cannot return until the round is over.


Players must compete to kill mutated beasts, which release toxic gases when they die, and face off against each other, creating competitive and dynamic gameplay. The monsters will not be easy to kill, as they will be camouflaged waiting for the right time to attack.


One Tap bases its action on a gun system that allows players to choose among different types of firearms and melee weapons. The available weapons in One Tap are:

  • Handguns

  • Sub machineguns

  • Assault Rifles

  • Snipers

  • Rocker Launchers

  • Grenade Launchers

  • Shotguns

  • Revolvers

  • Knives, Axes, among other melee weapons

Each weapon has its own statistics and unique characteristics, such as fire rate, recoil, damage, and more


The pets have a fundamental role in the game, as they give the player unique abilities that will have pivotal effects during combat.

To be able to have access to the pet rooster in One Tap Arena, players must first acquire them in the game’s shop and select them before each round. It is important to have in mind that each pet has a unique and limited ability that can be used only once per round.

Pets are divided into the following groups:

  • Flank: Gives the player speed or stealth-related abilities

  • Tank: Gives the player damage reduction or area control

  • Support: Boosts keys stats, heals allies, or defends against enemies

  • Damage: Deals high damage to enemies, acting as an offensive ally.

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