Qorbi World

Qorbi World is a gaming ecosystem dedicated building fun, tactical, competitive gaming on PC and mobile platforms with blockchain rewards and NFT in-game assets that can be sold in multiple markets by consumers.

Our first game One Tap is a character-based tactical First-person shooter (FPS) where precision gunplay, strategies, & deadly arenas meet in one Play to Earn game. Players can fight one another in an online multiplayer format and collect, trade, and earn with their NFT characters.

The key difference between Qorbi World and other FPS games is the blockchain economic design which is used to reward players for their contributions to the ecosystem, and their Qorb NFT holders are automatic competitor franchise holders.

Qorbi World is a community-based ecosystem with the Qorbi DAO as a mechanism for casting votes to the following areas of the ecosystem:

· Game Changes

· Partnerships

· DAO Treasury

· New Games

· New Collections

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