Qorb Storyline

An original game and story by Qorbi World

At the turn of the 2100 century all interaction went to virtual reality. In the year 2121 all wars are fought in virtual arenas. Scientist have found that the best virtual soldiers have a special gene which gives them faster reaction time. This gene is called the Qordrepylas Octupulas Rapidnios gene or Qor for short. Countries tested their citizens from birth, looking for the Qor gene. Once they are discovered the training immediately begins. These fighters are referred to as the Qorbs.

The Qorbs are the fastest reactionary Esports battle soldiers, with the fastest reaction time in the world, due to the Qor gene. But the Qor gene runs out as the character begin to start their aging, and they start to run out of Qor, this is called Aging Out, and due to all the battling the Qorbs age faster.

After five decades of Qorb fighting, finally in the year 2175 the world is at peace, all rejoice to one world unity, all ran under one law governed by the Elder Council. With the Qorbs no longer needed, some Qorbs are acting out seeking violence, and causing chaos throughout the globe. With their instincts to fight deeply rooted into their DNA through the Qor Gene, the Qorbs were out of control. The Elder Council made the decision to allow the Qorbs to focus their energy to a new form of Esports entertainment as gladiators of the Qorbi World Arenas. These arenas were scattered through the virtual reality in different Metaverses. With the most dedicated to the wellbeing of the Qorbs , granted special licensing to use their Metaverse land as a place for an arena, you will find arenas of all sizes found through the metaverses.

The Elders have stored a large fund to reward the Qorbs for their fighting. A fund of 265,900,000 $Qorbi was set to a reserve. $Qorbis is the default currency of 2175.

But the Qorbs were too unstable to just be left alone, so each remaining Qorbs was assigned a Guild. The guild was made up of one owner and 10 guild members. Each guild member had the power to vote on behalf of the Qorbs , how much money to spend, bring up ways to improve the way of life for the Qorbs and to use their combined wisdom to properly manage the Qorbs . But the Manager of the Qorbs will manage the everyday life of the Qorbs .

Through their decree, the Elder Council created a bond system that will be used as a way to fund the guilds and Qorb activities, through the cities of the world. The Qorbs Pools were stored value funds, which earn staking pool interest and portions of the staking pools were used to fund the guild activities.

Each fund was rewarded through normal staking mechanism, and the pool was rewarded portions of the winning in the arenas.

To date only 62,000 Qorbs have been identified with the special gene. The Elder Council is currently recruiting Qorb Managers who are dedicated to helping their Qorbs create a strong guild and allow them to battle in the Qor Arenas. As a reward, the manager and the guild will be given portions of the Qorbs arena winnings.

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