Qorbi World


Building an economy for fair play, and fan rewards


Qorbi World has rewards for all, including its owners, members and super fans. Qor Gaming will be creating a token called $Qorbi which will be used to offer immediate rewards. The rewards are backed partially by the NFT sales in the Qorbi World Marketplace.
Qor Gaming will be building a community treasury that will be used by the Qorbi DAO. The following fees will be used for building a community treasury.
  • NFT Qorbs Resales by Owners 50% of fees collected in the Qorbi World marketplace
  • NFT Sales of Armor, Weapons, and Pets 5% of sales collected in the marketplace
  • NFT Armor, Weapons, and Pets Resells 25% of fees collected in the marketplace


Qor Gaming estimates that it will take 24 months to setup and maintain a stable governing body for the ecosystem. Our dream is for the Qorbi World to be truly managed by its fans and token holders.
Qorbi World will have a three part government.
  1. 1.
    Request for changes to the game, economy licensing for arenas, and governance can only be formally made by one of the Qorb Owners. Owners will submit request to the Elder Council through the Elder Council Portal. To submit the request the Owner must sign a blockchain based request.
  2. 2.
    Elder Council -- The council will meet several times a year (schedule to be published) and review all request from the Owners. The council will then approve and send the request for further voting. Each request for votes is sent to the community with acceptance rules, which could include number of votes needed, and number of minimum participants.
  3. 3.
    $Qorbi staking to vote. $Qorbi holders will be allowed to participate in voting to pass the final voting process.
The final details of voting is still being discussed, here are the goals:
  1. 1.
    Final version of voting must be decentralize through an existing voting protocol
  2. 2.
    Create a form to audit voting for security
  3. 3.
    Transparency in all areas of the Qorbi World Ecosystemi

Elder Council

The Elder Council will be made up of 12 people from different industry sectors.
The role of the Elders is to make crucial independent decisions about the following:
  • Metaverse Streaming Licensing Additions
  • Usage of funds from rewards and pools
  • Approves new features for more fair play rules around the use of the economy
  • The number of Qorbs that are allowed to fight at a time.
  • Decisions on the Main Event fights
  • Audit Treasury
  • Review of new token staking, pooling or bonding programs
  • Additional Use Cases for Qorbi
The Elder Council will meet several times a year.. The minutes of the meetings will be recorded and made public.

Battle Arenas Licensing

Anyone who host an arena has the rights to stream the event and monetize the events in their arena.
The licensing to place the Qorbi World Arenas will be granted to select land holders within existing and future Metaverses. These licenses are controlled by the Elder Council who will announce and assign all future licensing other than the following licensing that has been granted to Qor Gaming as the game maker.
Arenas are used to have special events on behalf of Qorbi World. The license holder will retain the rights to the event, its proceeds, and the streaming rights, under any streaming platform they see fit.
All license holders under the direction of Qor Gaming will be given access to host games through the use of the Qor Gaming game engine.
Battles are only in these arenas, and two Qorbs can battle anytime they agree to battle without any restriction of the arena.
It is encouraged that the arena setup a schedule with Qorbs to organize the battle viewing with the fans.

Qorbs Pools

Each Qorbs will have their own staking pool in the Qorbs Pools.
Starting shortly after the Fair Play Simulator is released, players and $QORBI holders will be able to stake their $QORBI token to earn rewards. These rewards will initially start out high to incentivize user growth and gradually decline as $QORBI reaches maturity.
As the $QORBI token yield is reduced, the stake holders can (through governance & guilds) vote in additional rewards.