Qorbs (Earning Collection)

Owning a Qorbs is like owning a piece of land on a Metaverse.

The Qorbs is a character in the Qorbi World games. The Qorbs are the character that has been chosen to represent you in the Qorbi Ecosystem. The Qorbi World games are free to play, but as Qorb holder you have an exclusive pass to much more.

The Qorb NFTs are the keys to the entire Qorbi World ecosystem. With this NFT you get the following benefits:

  1. Only way to earn in the games is to own a Qorb

  2. Staking rewards

  3. On-chain character growth

  4. First access to all the in-game products

  5. Free NFTs for the Roam and Brawl games

  6. Inclusive access to Qorbs content such as only way to play the Space map is with a Qorb.

  7. Exclusive access to events and tournaments

Each Qorbs is unique with unique features and attributes within their appearance and in attributes. The Qorbs NFT is a 3D character that represents the actual Qorbs that you will see in the game.


A Qorbs Owner has ownership of the NFT and has the playing rights to the game. The Qorbs owner owns 100% of the Qorbs guild voting rights.

As a Qorb holder you sit at the head of the table for Qorbi World gaming and the Qorbi DAO


Each Qorbs is given a name. That name is their ID.

Qorbs only have a first name, which is also the name of the Qorb team if they decide to franchise in the future. If the Qorbs name is John, then the team name is Qorbs John Team. This will also be used for the staking pool (ex: Qorbs John Pools).


As a Qorbs battles (used to earn in game) they will start aging, because they are losing their Qor. A Qorbs starts as an infant, as they age they will become a toddler, then finally a child. When they reach their teen years, Qorbs become full grown.

Qorbs will age as they play the earning games. The more they play the faster they use their QOR, and they will eventually run out and become full grown.

When a Qorbs has reach its full maturity it is called a "Mentor" and are allow to mint a next generation of Qorbs

Inner Qor

Their Inner Qor is the special power inside of all Qorbs . The more Qorbs has, the faster reaction they have in the game. As the Qorbs fights, the Qor starts to drain a little bit at a time. Once the Qor runs out, the Qorbs becomes eligible to become a mentor to a new Qorbs, and is no longer able to play the game.

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