Not just your regular swag, these items could mean life or death in the arenas. All items will be found in the Qorbi World Marketplace and sold at a discount to Qorbi holders. All gear can be purchased and resold. Some gear will burn away when they are taken into battle, some will retain their damage, and will follow them through resales.

The following are gear items that will be found in the Qorbi World Marketplace:

  • Weapons -- These items are different assault weapons used to defend yourself in the game, and apply damage to your opponents armor. Weapons do not have Qor, they burn off immediately after a battle.

  • Armor -- My momma always said be prepared. Go in with some armor. Pick wisely and strategize for best combinations.

  • Pets -- Pets are your special friend in the game. They can help you sniff our traps, see things from different angles, and apply maximum damage to your opponent. Pets are the in-game utilities. All pets are NFTs and every pet will have a limited quantity up to 800 per pet.

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