One Tap - FPS in Qorbi World

One Tap is a free-to-play First Person Shooter. This game is played 1v1. Specifically designed to capture the attention of gamers who love and play games like Halo, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, CS

One Tap brings a fast action unique approach to 1v1 FPS gaming where the map, game modes, and in game characters all are playing against you while you try to defend yourself against your opponent.

  1. There are 6 maps in the One Tap game (Toxic Plant, Heavy Snow, Egyptian Ruins, Space Station, Infinite Castles, Viking Training Center)

  2. Each map has 4 game modes from Deathmatch to Search and Destroy

  3. The game has 5 rounds. Each gamer takes a turn selecting which map they want per round. But the mode is selected by the game

  4. In between each round, they can select weapons, armor (coming soon), and pets; only knowing what maps are coming up next and not the game mode

  5. First player to win 3 rounds, wins the match (and earns the bulk of the $QORBI)

Game Structure

  1. Single player vs player FPS. All maps, game mechanics, in game characters are designed to optimize a single player experience. You will spend hours learning all about the maps and strategies of the game, and a lifetime learning to master them

  2. Pets are in game weapons. You can purchase the NFT pets and take them in the game to take small advantages against your opponent

  3. Earn crypto for every round you win

  4. Only Qorb NFT holders can earn

  5. Allow for others to play on your behalf and share in the earnings through our renting system

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