Qorbi Tokenomics

Introduction to the QORBI Token, A true video game Utility token. QORBI is a token used within the Qorbi World ecosystem. Qorbi World, a groundbreaking free-to-play multi-game ecosystem that unites the thrill of esports-style gaming with distinctive in-game rewards and assets, is thrilled to announce the upcoming beta release of its latest game, One Tap. This first-person shooter (FPS) game offers a fresh perspective on the genre by integrating strategic gameplay elements with the use of distinctive in-game assets. One Tap is a 1 vs 1 FPS game that combines the high-octane action of traditional shooter games with a unique strategic component. Players can choose from a variety of in-game assets that can significantly influence the course of the game, adding a layer of strategy and depth to the gameplay.

QORBI will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule which lasts for 60 months from the initial Qorb sale. The below chart illustrates the maximum possible issuance of Qorbi over the coming years, and the total supply will never exceed 500,000,000. The chart below is not final and subject to change based on listing needs.


Ecosystem Rewards



Locked: Issuance begins in Q3 2024

Ecosystem Development



Locked: Issuance begins in Q3 2024

Public Sale



Some unlocked, with cliff

Private Sale



Some unlocked, with cliff

Internal Team



Gradual Unlock Over 4 Years

Advisors & Strategic Partners



Gradual Unlock Over 4 Years





Elder Council



Gradual Unlock Over 4 Years

Token Utility

  • Token staking for more rewards – QORBI holders will be able to stake their token to earn passive QORBI tokens.

  • Government rights – Only QORBI holders have the final voting rights for the QORBI DAO.

  • Discount on Qorbi World in-game items – Special discounts will be available only to QORBI holders.

  • Earning rewards - through the Qorbi World skill-to-earn model for the Qorbs Holders can earn Qorbi World Rewards

The core utility of the $Qorbi token is voting and staking, Owners and token-holders support for the Qorbi World games by staking their $Qorbi Tokens.

There is a secondary function for Owners to Pledge their Qorbs to play in one of the Qorbi World games, for this there are direct rewards allocated to staking.

  • Competing and winning matches

  • Winning tournaments

  • Using the QORBI in the Qor marketplace

  • Using future QORBI products that haven't been announced yet.

The Skill-To-Earn allocation can be seen as a marketing budget for the Qorbi World . When certain game modes and products are ready to be promoted, its Skill Based Earning allocation could be increased. These allocations are something that could potentially be decided by governance over time.

The QORBI earned through the Skill Based Earning allocation will initially be open for trading immediately, but the Qorbo World team will monitor the situation closely to decide if a lock-up on rewards is needed.

Esports Capital Model

In traditional esports the amateur, professional, and semi-professional players all compete in a game that they support through online, competitive in tournaments, and posting their stats from the in-game leaderboard e.g. social media. For those lucky players who are competing at the highest level, they can win tournaments or be paid by an organization, but the remaining players even those who are the best get no monetary benefits to their dedication to the game, but there are benefits to the publisher of the game, which is referred as Esports Capital.

Qorbi World is deploying a new model to esports where the Owners of the Qorb have full control of who earns in the games. In this model, players can choose to play with Qorb assets and earn daily on their gameplay.

Lending Qorb

A universally used Qorb lending system will be deployed. In the lending system Owners can work with Gamers to earn in the game. Game rewards can be shared or split between the two parties.

Why Skill Based Earning?

We believe that a Skill Based Earning economy and a governance token can allow the Esports players and fans to participate in the growth opportunities of the industries outside of the influence of centralized platforms.

Qorbi World Rewards

Game rewards consist of $QORBI:

1. Generated from the inflation of the token supply and the Qorbs position in the games leaderboard.

2. Recycled from any revenue specifically allocated to the token economy.

Since the supply is fixed, early rewards will no doubt be composed mainly of inflation, with later cycle rewards composed of revenue.

  • A portion of inflation is allocated to the Ecosystem on a ratio that depends on the system state.

  • Revenue is subject to a dynamic burn calculation which removes some tokens from circulation, then delivers the balance to Owners, as per the staking rewards.



Inflation is calculated and allocated periodically from the expansion of the token supply. The model considers staking as a proxy for engagement and increases and decreases the allocation to Owners based on the staking ratio. In this way, programmatic incentives correlate to utilization. Practically this means in periods of low engagement, the Ecosystem can take discretionary measures to incentivize activity in the Qorbi World games.

This is calculated by taking the amount of $QORBI staked as proportion to all tokens in circulation, and the staking allocation to the Qorbs. Where as the $QORBI stakes is S and the allocation is G.

Inflation curve

We employ a calibrated sigmoid population curve, P (t):

Where M is the $QORBI Maximum supply, t is the Calculation Period counter (t ∈ [0,∞)), k and c are constants to be resolved from the initial supply I(0), and a half-life inflection point of the curve, expressed in Calculation Periods t0.5.

Burn Adjustment

A portion of revenue from Qorbi World ecosystem will be transferred to a wallet. The wallet is known as the Treasury. Portions of the treasury are to as Revenue.

Any revenue allocation is used to acquire $QORBI. The staking ratio at that time is used to calculate how much of the acquired $ QORBI is burnt prior to distribution. Where S is defined as above, the burn amount B is calculated as: B = 1 − S

$QORBI tokens that have been burnt have the effect of reducing the maximum supply M permanently. And so M is potentially reduced by this amount B and included this way in the curve calculations when applied t0 P (t). Mt = Mt−1 − Bt



Max Supply $QORBI


Initial Supply


Half-life (months)


Token Models

Based on the token management model QORBI will follow, the estimated fluctuation of the token as shown below. As you can see from the chat, QORBI will be listed at $.92 and can reach nearly $3 per token over the next five years(5).

KPI Measurements

We will be using the following parameters to display KPI data around the QORBI token for the next 60 months. Total tokens

  • 500,000,000

Vesting Periods

  • Advisors from 12 – 48 months

  • Elders are 48 months with a 12 month start

  • Owners are on a 36-month vesting

Burn Ratios

  • Starting between years 1 – 3 Qorbi World will start to burn tokens as needed with no more than 2% per year of what they receive as payments for in-game assets.

Regular Players

  • Player count at listing 25,000

  • Peak count over next 5 years is 2M

  • Total time to full saturation is 60 months

  • Average spend per day per player $.10

  • Average spend on in-game NFTs 100%


  • Workers are the name of the gamers that earn in the game. They are either the Qorb owner or playing on behalf of a Qorb

  • Initial will be 60,000

  • Min revenue per day $4 (estimated)

  • Average Qorb owned per person 10


  • Average time to earn 1 QORBI is 75 minutes

  • Daily earning cap in One Tap game will be set to 50,000 Qorbi

Token Holders

  • Liquidity of QORBI in the market at all times is 5%

  • Vesting Holders selling ration no more than 30% of holding


Amounts vested at different times with release dates. You can see the largest increases are at the end of the first year when the advisors and Elder members receive 25% of their allocations.

Buying Pressures

Token Dynamics

Revenue & Treasury

Gamers (Players and Workers)

The goal of Qor Gaming is to hand over the management of the QORBI Token the Qorbi DAO over the next five years. The DAO is made up of a three-tiered government system with the Qorb Owners, Elder Council and the QORBI Token holders as their voting citizens. The DAO will maintain a treasury that will be used to better improve the QORBI Token demands for the rest of time.

QORBI World will have a three-part government.

  1. Qorb Owners - Request for changes to the game, economy licensing for arenas, and governance can only be formally made by one of the Qorb Owners. Owners will submit requests to the Elder Council through the Elder Council Portal. To submit the request the Owner must sign a blockchain based request.

  2. Elder Council - The council will meet several times a year (schedule to be published) and review all requests from the Owners. The council will then approve and send the request for further voting. Each request for votes is sent to the community with acceptance rules, which could include the number of votes needed, and number of minimum participants.

  3. QORBI staking to vote - QORBI holders will be allowed to participate in voting to pass the final voting process.

Voting, here are the goals:

  • Final version of voting must be decentralized through an existing voting protocol

  • Create a form to audit voting for security

  • Transparency in all areas of the Qorbi World Ecosystem

Elder Council

The Elder Council will be made up of 12 people from different industry sectors.

The role of the Elders is to make crucial independent decisions about the following:

  • Streaming Licensing Additions

  • Usage of funds from rewards and pools

  • Approval of new features for more fair play rules around the use of the economy

  • The number of Qorbs that are allowed to fight at a time

  • Decisions on the Main Event fights

  • Use of Treasury funds

DAO Liquidity

A portion of all sales from the Qorbi World game assets will be transferred to a DAO wallet. The wallet is known as the Treasury. Portions of the treasury are to be used as Liquidity for the QORBI Token.

Audit Treasury

  • Buy back tokens (potential for burning)

  • Review of new token staking, pooling, or bonding programs

  • Additional Use Cases for Qorbi

  • The Elder Council will meet several times a year. The minutes of the meetings will be recorded and made public.

  • Burn tokens based on Dynamic Burn values as mentioned earlier

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